5x there, 10x to go

I’m someone who enjoys reading new-year predictions. Some industry-specific examples include: Tech in 2020: Standing on the shoulders of giants from Benedict Evans, What Will Happen in the 2020s from Fred Wilson, 2017 Predictions by Howard Lindzon, Fintech Prediction Palooza from Howard Lindzon, US Fintech Predictions from Charlie Ma, and Fintech in 2020 from Alex…

E-commerce Predictions: Will consumers choose cryptocurrency to shop online?

Shilo Jones and his team at Statbid conduct an interesting survey each year polling participants on various e-commerce predictions. This years results of the 2022 survey can be found here. One of the questions was “what percentage of e-commerce transactions will be made using some form of crypto currency 5 years from now?” The respondents were surprisingly optimistic….

E-Commerce Financial Model for Startups

‘E-Commerce Financial Model for Startups‘ courtesy of Matthew Carroll; a guide to forecasting revenue & expenses for e-commerce startups. FailHarder’s E-Commerce Financial Model for Startups E-commerce Financial Model for Startups Quora Retail Analytics Profit Margin Template 2012 Conversion Metrics Payvment