Rockstar Product Managers

I came across an excellent interview between Paul Young and Allison Tatterson. I’d highly suggest reading the full post.

I found his chart of traits and skills that great product managers embody to be particularly helpful and accurate. It has helped me realize that I’m on the right track but am far from being a “rockstar.”

You will see learned to inherited traits as you move from left to right. All are needed to be great, and Paul suggests those in green are required to be a rock star.

I’m glad to see Truth to Power in there. I never agreed with why we’re taught never to question authority or stand up to authoritative figures as kids. This leads to adults afraid of speaking the truth to those with more power.

A few from the learned sectors that I’m going to focus on improving this year include Master Listener, Master Communicator, Story Teller, Measurer, and Empathy.

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