A thread on why I’m excited about working Remotely

Crossposting this Twitter thread following a recent move from MD to FL.

1/ Why I’m excited about remote work:

An advantage of growing older is that you become more comfortable with who you are. At least this is true for me. It’s quite liberating.

2/ I’ve always found self awareness to be important so I took Personality Type tests back in college and twice since. 

Guess what? They don’t change. When I was younger, I wished I could change some of them but I’ve grown older and more accepting at the same time.

3/ So, what are my Strengths?

(Note: Read the book ‘Now, Discover your Strengths‘ if you haven’t and take the ‘Clifton Strengthsfinder‘ test)

My signature themes:

  • Restorative
  • Activator
  • Command
  • Responsibility
  • Intellection
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4/ So, what’s my Personality Type? 

There are many places to test this, but the output below is from typefinder.com


  • Introverted
  • Sensing
  • Thinking
  • Judging
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5/ It’s liberating and helpful to learn why you feel or behave the way you do in certain situations, as well as to optimize to your strengths & put yourself in situations where you can thrive. 

Turns out my type and strengths lend themselves to remote product management really well.

6/ I’m naturally introverted. I spent years thinking I wanted to be the person who would go to a social event and know everyones names by the end, leaving with a slew of new connections and meetings to follow up with.

That’s not me. Big social events are exhausting. I hate them.

7/ Many people including colleagues who know me kind of well but not super well may be surprised by this. I’d hope so actually, because I’ve exerted a ton of energy pretending to be that person.

8/ I’ve prided myself on being that teammate who is in the office every single day, during holidays, early in the day, late in the evening, for years. And actively online at all other times. In fact, I’m pretty sure some of my value to employers has been wrapped up in that. I was the same with sports growing up. These people are needed.

9/ But I’m growing comfortable with myself and priorities change as life goes on. I don’t want to exert the bulk of my energy socializing at the water cooler or going to meetings that aren’t really necessary just because you’re around, or talking to every single person you cross eyes with on a daily basis.

My personality type requires thinking, calm surroundings, quiet & some solitude which is why I used to have to do most of my best work during nights and weekends only.

10/ So, this is why I’m excited about remote work. At least giving it a try for the foreseeable future.

Product management isn’t the easiest role to do remotely but it’s not an easy role to begin with.

Focus on you and play to your strengths.

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